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Blue Ice Premium Strain (35.8% THC)


Blue Ice Premium Strain (35.8% THC)

Buy Blue Ice Premium Strain (35.8% THC) Online. A brand new top-shelf premium strain that will make you drool! This Sativa Premo is unreal!! Try it out at Bud Man Orange County ONLY!

Strain Sativa
THC Level 35.8%

Blue Ice marijuana flower is a rare sativa blended strain created through some unknown mixes kept secret on purpose. The only strain we know for sure mixes in this strain is Purple Haze!. Best known for its gorgeous appearance, Blue Ice packs a punch of lifted effects that are perfect for getting you up and moving when you have somewhere social to be.

You’ll be euphoric with a giggly sense that keeps the conversations rolling for hours on end. Thanks to these effects and its super-duper high average THC level


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