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Buy CBD Paste Raw Medihemp 12g Perth


Buy CBD Paste Raw Medihemp 12g Perth

Buy CBD Paste Raw Medihemp 12g Perth Online.CBD Paste Raw (Medihemp) 18% ~2200mg 12g

This CBD Raw paste syringe is a bomb of CBD, CBDA, and other different healthy components. Thanks to the powerful CO2 extraction process, this syringe contains both CBD and CBDA.
These substances can have a relaxing effect and provide more inner peace. The syringe can be perfectly dosed through the handy rotary switch on the syringe.

Characteristics of the CBD paste syringe

Through organic production and a hand-selected harvest, CBD paste is rich in different healthy nutrients. Think about pigments, phenols, terpenes, vitamins, and minerals. This ensures that the CBD paste syringe has a positive effect on pain complaints and different endogenous body processes.

Benefits of the product

Because there are so many active ingredients in CBD paste, its usage has a positive effect on different body processes. What to think of:

  • Calming effect recovers a healthy and natural night’s rest
  • Helps to relax and prevents stress
  • Easy-to-dose with help of the syringe
  • Can work anti-inflammatory
  • Contributes to natural hormonal processes in our body
  • Available in two different flavors: mint and natural

The effect of the CBD paste syringe

CBD has, as mentioned before, a curative effect. The experiences of people who tried it before you, show positive effects. There is hardly any THC processed in the CBD products, so you do not suffer from psychoactive or mind-expanding side effects. The CBD paste is packed in the supplied syringe, so you can easily determine the dosage.

Labels and certificates

With MediHemp as a regular supplier, CBD Expert is assured of high-quality CBD products that comply with the stringent requirements of the European Union for cultivation. MediHemp is the only supplier that has a European label for organic cultivation of CBD and ensures completely natural cultivation.


The CBD that is produced by Medihemp is done through a precise natural process. The hemp seeds are first cold-pressed after being peeled, to obtain the hemp seed oil. Modern soft CO2 extraction methods ensure that high-quality CBD is obtained. All healthy components are preserved this way for the CBD paste syringe.

Content of the package

CBD paste is easy to dose with the syringe that contains the paste. This is also necessary to have long-lasting pleasure with this product, as you don’t need a lot of liquid with this 18% CBD. By applying a dosage of 0.5 ml under the tongue, one or two times per day, you make a good start. If you’d like, you can increase it according to your needs. Which flavor has your preference, mint or natural? Try it yourself by placing an order now at CBD expert!


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