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KPEN v2 Kurvana Vape Oil Cartridge Geelong


Girl Scout Cookies (69.95% THC)
Grapefruit Kush (71.20% THC)
Blackberry Kush (70.22% THC)
Jack Herer (68.66% THC)
Pineapple Express (70.11% THC)
Blue Dream (72.19% THC)

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KPEN v2 Kurvana Vape Oil Cartridge Geelong

Buy KPEN v2 Kurvana Vape Oil Cartridge Geelong online. The new KPEN is simple, stylish, and discreet. Each cartridge still exhibits a colored indicator with the strain acronym on the band to help users recognize which strain they have.

Vendor Kurvana
Size 1 gram

To further optimize oil flow, each strain now has an individualized pore size based on its viscosity. The result is a cool, smooth, and simple vape experience, every single time.

KPEN v2 Kurvana Vape cartridge gently heats Kurvana oil at an optimal temperature, auto-adjusting the power applied to the coil system. The dual-coil system generates a greater production of vapor and increased vapor density than the average vape pen.


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