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Trainwreck CBD Vape Cartridge AU


Trainwreck CBD Vape Cartridge AU

Buy Trainwreck CBD Vape Cartridge AU Online. Classic flavor and long-lasting effects make our Trainwreck CBD Vape Cart one of our best-selling vapes. Trainwreck vape cartridge gets its legendary earthy, woody flavor from high myrcene and terpinolene contents.

  • Type: Cartridge
  • Size: 1000mg

Sativa-dominant Trainwreck originated in Northern California’s Humboldt County in the famed Emerald Triangle. According to local rumors, breeders christened Trainwreck on the same day a high-profile railroad crash occurred in the area.

Elevated levels of limonene and pinene terps give Trainwreck a refreshing lemon and pine fragrance with just a touch of diesel.


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